Red Wattle Pork

Red Wattle Pigs
Red wattles on the pasture paddocks

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Froghill Country Farm raises Red Wattle pigs. Red Wattle is a heritage breed, and our stock comes from registered boars and are raised on our farm near Arlington, WA.

The pigs are raised on our farm with feed from Eden Acres, Tractor Supply Co. and/or other local businesses for supplies and materials.  So, you can rest assured that your purchase supports local farming and businesses.

Farm sale of meat is different from retail sales. Pork is sold in full or half shares direct from the farm.  The pigs are slaughtered on the farm for identified customers and the pork cannot be further distributed for retail sale after receipt from the butcher.  The customer pays the butcher directly for slaughter & meat processing which includes cutting, curing, packaging, and freezing.

Based upon your Del Fox – Pork Butcher Order with Del Fox Meats you will receive bacon or pork belly, sausage, hams, pork chops, roasts, loins, etc.   The butcher hangs the carcass for a few days and then cuts & cures your order and flash freezes it.  Your order will typically be available within 2-3 weeks of our processing date.

The butcher will then call you when your order is ready for pickup (Please do not call them before they call you) from their location which is in Stanwood, Washington.   Depending upon your share size and transportation time to your home, you may need 2-3 large coolers or boxes for all your pork so plan pickup accordingly depending upon your travel time.

The components of your Froghill Farms pork costs are as follows:

  • $250 Non-refundable Deposit for whole share, $125 half.
  • Farm Fee per pound hanging weight confirmed by butcher (minus deposit) to Froghill Country Farm within 3-5 business days of harvest date.  We will provide a customer invoice once the weight is confirmed.
    • Full Share (Pig): $4.50/LB.
    • Half-Share (Pig) $5.00/LB
  • Butcher fees (Estimates are subject to change. Check their website for details)
    • Butcher fee for slaughter:
      • Full Share (Pig): $85.00
      • Half Share (Pig): $42.50
    • Butcher cutting & wrapping fees (variable based upon types of cuts & curing ordered) Can range between $1.00-$2.00 per pound depending upon cuts and curing requested and is paid to the butcher when you pickup your order.

Our next harvest will be January 9th, 2024 with the pork available from the butcher in 2-3 weeks after harvest.  If you are interested in stocking your freezer with farm raised pork you can reserve a full or half share with your deposit today.

Reserve your pork share at our Farm Store today!